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Getting Started
System Setup

Before you will be able to use the system you will need to perform the initial setup functions below to customise your system
Many of the items will be pre-configured for you, however, you will need to be familiar with their operation.

Click on the title of section to read the help

Company Maintenance Holds the information about your company and sets the base configuration for the system
Awards    This is where you will setup the pay rates for your employees
Pay Types Here is the configuration of the penalty payments for items such as weekend , public holidays etc
Allowances Here you can add allowance such as uniform, car allowance, evening and Night shift
EBA Specific Allowances These allowances are for EBA or Employee specific allowances
Deductions    This section allows you to setup deductions for employees, ie Meals, Wage Garnishee ect
Employee Types This allows you to setup penalty rates for specific employee types
Position Types This allows grouping of Awards
Payroll Interface This section allows the integration between the ROSTER and PAYROLL
Pay Periods Create pre-defined pay period for both payroll and rosters
Master Roster Dates Allocate pay period for Master Roster Dates
Public Holidays Allows you to setup public holiday dates for the payroll
Locations-Cost Centres Allocate location codes for reporting purposes
Superannuation Funds Allocates Superannuation funds for payroll
Apply Award Increase  Applies award increases to select awards









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